Monday, July 25, 2011

the dreamy yoyo geraffe...!!!

last nite, me and Ay go to the Zoo de la Barben in Provence, France. in this rare and unique setting at the heart of a 33 hectare forest of evergreen oaks, on a plateau dominating the region of Salon, 600 animals from 120 different species live together. but there's two animal that makes us so likey so much. their name is Gerry and Gerra. look how cute they are :)they're such a sweet couples, like us ;p when Ay start to hug me and then they aren't to be outdone by us. then they just kiss :)
1 minute after we met them, the couples say goodbye to us. gerra get spoiled to gerry and said goodbye once again :( sweet of them...
and not for so long the alarm of my cellphone just clank to wake me up...hoooaaaaamm...oh yes... i'm awake now from my sweet dreams ;p

but the Geraffe YoYo Doll is not just figures in a dreams, u can get it if u want to, just email or text me :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Sari Sulistiyo said...

hello giraffe !!!
u both are so cuteee....;D

novyalfee said...

so cute.. :) mau nanya mba, supaya manik2nya tegang itu pake apa ya? thx..

ijin promo link blog saya ya mba..

flanellapernik said...

so much each sis?? salam kenal ya


Lenny said...

manis banget jerapahnya :) suka karena dibuat dari kain perca :)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

mbak sari: "merci beaucoup..." kata si gerafe :)

novy: cuma dijahit pakai benang aja, di buku aku ada keterangannya kok :) atau ikutan crafting bareng yuk :)

flanerpernik: email ke aku ya: :)

lenny: makasiiih... kain perca emang ajaiiib ya :)