Monday, July 4, 2011

the jin(s)jing memoirs (part two)...!!!

the story continued... after Flohmak, i get opportunity to open my booth in Ancol Sunday Market for 3 month free, yay :) every sunday after sholat subuh, me and Ay start to go to Ancol, coz the market is start in 7 in the morning. it's so great opportunity, the market concept is so fun, there's a handmade and art booth, food and baverage, magic, painting, and artist booth ;p

the first time we open the booth is like a very great moment to remember. the jin(s)jing is like a rock stars and the tjangklong, my reversible bag is the pos stars. when i start officialy open my booth in 7am and in the 8am the goodies is all sold out. OMG !!! what a day :) u can't imagine the hectic of the buyer, my mini booth is full of peoples, haha... and this is some of jin(s)jing that already gone so fast in Ancol Sunday Market :)coz i just have a week to make some of the jin(s)jing, so i have no time to take a proper pic for the bag. we just take the pic when we already came to Ancol. u can see the green back groun is the Lumba-Lumba Park near the beach. oooh how i miss Ancol :)and after this post i hope you're not asking me about 'when i make it again',haha... coz the answer is the same answer since...i don't know... just wait and see :) have a rockin monday :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



dini kurnianing said...

ya ampuun mba ditaa... aku dikasih 1 dooong... mupeng nihhh...

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

hehe...sayang udah pada ilang semua :(