Sunday, July 3, 2011

the jin(s)jing memoirs...!!!

this afternoon i've been tag by a new friend in facebook, she made a recycle jeans bag like i did before...before??? yes, it's been a very loooong since i made my latest recycled jeans bag that i called JIN(S)ING !!!

and suddenly i remembers the memoirs of the first jin(s)jing that i made for sale. first time i sale my jin(s)jing is in Pasar Flohmak, it's kind of flea market that means a lot for me :) you can see my pic when i first time open cemprut booth in flohmak in here !!! and this is the first timr jin(s)jing that i take in that time, and they gone so fast ;p
i'm so remember, only three bags but some people is alredy fight to buy it,haha ;p
and after some peoples noticed about jin(s)jing, they start to come earlier in Flohmak before somebody elses get the bag,haha... when i came and not so ready yet to open my booth, they're already standing waiting for me to put them out from my big bag. and you can't imagine how's the little crowd happen when the bag is come out ;pstill in Flohmak, the third jin(s)jing is born. i always make it diferent by the others, simply and chic and unique design in every single bag. and that is some of my jin(s)jing collection when i open my booth for the first time in Flohmak. another memoirs of jin(s)jing will be share next, the memoirs in Ancol Sunday Market it's fun too, just wait :)

sorry for the bad pics quality, i just shoot them with my phone cell ;p oooh how i miss to make the other jin(s)jing... :***) for everyone who's asked my about this bag...hmmm...i can't make a promises with u guys :( just waith patiently :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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