Thursday, July 14, 2011

the rest of the cushion...!!!

remember my last post about what can u do in weekend, in here... yes i told you that it would be a cushion cover, now they're already sew and this is the rest of them:all the cushion cover requested by Mbak Tata from Borneo except the blue one, that's Amanda request, girl with a rainbow :)
and all packed with love, hope u like it mbak Tata :) and oh...i tell u somethin cute, u can order this kind of cushion cover, put the fav pet, food or name of person do you love and make it as a cute present ;p call me ;p

can't wait for tomorrow, i will post about the hangin birdy that i will give it to my dearest friends that i met in SIRDUS KARKUS tomorrow... just wait my next post :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



chachamisu said...

lutuuuu, warna warni, you are so creative

dePerta said...

wahh yg rainbow bagus vuangetsss

uda aku email ya mba