Saturday, July 16, 2011

the SIRDUSKARKUS and the lovely birdies...!!! saturday night... the show that u must see, the unbelievable Mbak Ria Papermoon PAPERMOON PUPPET TEATHER present you:"Sirduskarkus" is a play that will be performed at Kota Tua-Jakarta
on July 16, 2011.. at 7.00 pm!!
it's the world premiere, guys...
you'd better check it out! ;)

me and Ay will come earlier, Mbak Ria wants Ay to take the pic of them perform tonite, so we should be prepare by now, after i posting this post actually ;p and for the surprise, i made some lovely birdies for you my friend that i met in that show :)
so be there and see me, say hi and be a good audience together, and have a nice chit chat maybe :) and the birdies is yours my beloved friends :) see you there tonight...!!!
pic sirduskarkus stolen in here ;p

Happy crafting Y'all...!!!


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Belinda | Myurbey said...

wah wah wah .... see youuuu