Friday, July 1, 2011

tuto on friday: fabric clock...!!!

before you say it to me..yes i will say it first, i've been so lazy lately to make tuto to share. but i promise like i said before, i share my tutorial in my prev craft books, and i will let you get the other tutorials in my next.....u know what ;p
this is what i get from pinterest (again), fabric clock :) u can covered your old plain clock with ur fav fabric. or u can make the shape of animal u like with a hard board and cover it with a lotta motive of fabric, or make it simple like mbak Amesh did, just put a chrochet doillies to make it cute :) or make a collage from ur scrap fabric :) just do it as u like it :)

gonna have anothe hush rush friday for a hush rush weekend tomorrow, huraaay :) have a great friday y'all )

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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Dewie.Rha said...

Beautiful pc of it.