Monday, July 11, 2011

the yoyo doll demo report...!!!

will share u about what happen last saturday, it's kindda quick post coz this moring i'm not in the mood of posting :( still recovery from my flu :( the information about the show you can read in my prev post, okay here we go:P
this is the back stage hush rush, before the show, behind the curtain i make prepare for the demo :) and 2 minute before the show begin just let the smile come out from us, Mbak yana and Oscar the cameraman from DAAi TV :)
this is the crowd...wuuuhaaa... lotta kiddos and their parents. so much fun when they start to dancin each other with beiber song. oooh how i love kiddos so muchooo :)
ta daaa... the show begin... thanks Mr.freddy for helping me to feel more comfy :) i think this is the comfy situation that i ever feel in my nerveous moment ;p
the 2 lucky girl got the doorprize the piggy and caterpillar yo-yo doll :) congret dear :) there'a a lotta more fun pic that Ay took, but like i said i'm not in the mood of :( sorry... thanks dear Ay for accompany me :) thanks Mbak Elda and Mas Rere for comin to make a surprise for us ;p ans thanks for Belinda Regina who's come to the show, and i'm sorry we just met maybe for 1-2 minute :( i hope we can meet again pretty girl :)

and oh, in next Saturday there will be Crafting With Cemprut makin Yoyo Doll, will be held in Citra Raya, i will inform u later. or do email, PM or DM for more information :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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Belinda | Myurbey said...

aihh itu seneng banget yg dpt yoyo hiihihih
iya cuma sembentar :( tapi nanti kita ketemu lagi cerita yg banyakkkk :P

kalau ke daerah ku kasih tau lagi ya mbak, nanti ku santroni ;)