Sunday, August 28, 2011

cemprut on SPICE Magz...!!!

my Tuto Yo-Yo Flower Fabric on SPICE! September edition, the quirky fashion icon Alexa Chung as the cover model :) actually this is my old tuto that u can find it in here. mbak Amesh asked me to put that tuto on SPICE! so i said with a pleasure :) u can see it on page 116 :)btw, about 4 days i'm not posting in this blog and it's like forever,haha, too much dita... ;p i've got sick, still recovery until now, my body temperature is like up and down, got little trouble with my throat and my body felt weak and weak day by day. the answer is one: u need a rest dear cemprut :)
but i'm okay now :) start to celebrate Lebaran :) I hope you guys are always given the health and safety for mudik. see ur beloved family and celebrate the victory day with the rest of the family :) amieeen :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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