Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i love necktie craft...!!!

hello crafty peoples...fuiiih finally can made another craft post :) the family time is still running, tomorrow it's time for my Rembang Family :) me and Ay will go to Rembang tomorrow, yay. can't wait to see my Umi, Upi, lil brother and lil Zio :) and because the family time sometimes makes me forgot the time and forgot this blog (kiddiiiin), so i already to make some post to you. i already save it and the rest is Ay job, Penny Lane (my laptop) will bring by Ay so he had a duty for posting the blog ;p

the post maybe it's much about something crafty that inspired you and me :) like this kind of post, tadaaa....
if u have a lotta old papa necktie and dont know what must to do for it, so this is what u can do for them :)and from the necktie creation above this one is my fav, a snake plush from necktie, cute :)
and if u don't have any old necktie but still wanna make it just buy the second hand necktie. when i'm in collage in Jogja, as i remember the second necktie is sold about Rp. 20.000,- for 3pcs. it's worth to buy and to make :)

see u in another post dear crafty peoples :) have a super great family time :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Anonymous said...

wew wew wew.. keren sangat >.<

Belinda | Myurbey said...

yang cushion sangat menginspirasi ,semua nya juga sih .. apa lagi si snake aaaaaa gemesssss

selamat lebaran mbak dita

belinda :)