Friday, August 19, 2011

knit shawl pre order...!!!

hello crafty peops... just take a quick post, coz i spent a lotta time to scrapbooking with My Memories, haha... okay, straight to the point, i will open for knit shawl pre order, since there's some friend asked the shawl but the shawly families just gone too soon :( i made new 4 design, there's: catty, doggy, owly and elly, like u see in my digital scrapbooking that i've made :) u can see my prev knit shawl in here. the pre order start from rite know until 5 days, i close it in August 26th.
pick ur fav, choose ur mind and do this for further information :)
just email me : cemprut(at)gmail(dot)com
tweet me : aphroditawibowo
PM on FB : aphrodita wibowo
text me : 08156618064

from now on i will make the shawl from cotton thread and the process is about 1 month. yes, 1 month, there's no instant in handmade :) and don't forget to join the Spotlite & Giveaway from My Memories, so if u r the lucky one you can make a fun way to make digital scrapbook like i did in this post ;)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Kawakib Craft said...

suka knitting juga ??? bener" multi talent ^_^

ciss.handmade said...

mba ditaaa..ya ampyunnn....ihh...mau bgt nih...catty pasti lucu bgt si owly pasti jg cakep..aaahhhhh.....mupeng *,*