Friday, August 5, 2011

tuto on friday: DIY angry stone bird...!!!

i know it's almost saturday now, but at least i tried to catch the tuto for you ;p and i know this tuto not mine too, but at least i try to share something crafty to you ;p hihihi... so sorry guys but the times always feels like running out so fast :( at least i still have a time to edit some pic and make it into a tuto on friday for you...

aaarrrgghh too much 'at least' thing, just check it out, this DIY things is gonna break your routines in front of ur PC or laptop. go out to ur front yard or park, breathe the outside air and play this DIY things, but u must make it first, voila:
yes, ur very angry face guys. coz u need a angry mood for painting the stones, believe me ;p ...paint...paint...paint... and voila :)
pic found via pinterest and google

and there's still achance to join the KHAMA khama GIVEAWAY, the luckiest ones get the chic pinh rabbit toile notebook :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Laura said...

I like all your craft works!!
I think you'll having lot of fun with it!!
I did some "manual art workshops" for children in one school...and I know it could be really really funny with children!!
Have a nice week-end!!

Ikmalia Anindita said...

pengen banget nyoba, tapi ga ada bakat ngegambar sama sekali :(

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

laura: thanks so much laura... we should havin a fun in this life :) wow, i thinks it's gonna be realy fun for them :)
send my kiss and hug to Italy :)

ikmalia: dicoba aja, practice makes perfect to,hehe :)

novyalfee said...

lutunaaa.. :D kalo ikmalia pgn tp ga bs gambar, aku pgn tp batunya ga ada yg gitu, dirumah batunya kerikil2 :p

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

hihi... pake batu kali aja yg gede-gede,hehe ;p

designer said...

iiiih kreatipp bangettt!
kirimin duong batu2nya kemarii :D

Alin said...

good idea!!!

piena mustika said...

hihihihi .. gak nyangka muka ka dita jadi selucu itu kalo marah :))
angry bird mah lewattttt :P


yasuyassyash said...

itu jadi bisa dimainin manual ya angri birdnya? tinggal dilempar2 mental2in gitu ya batunya? hmm.. pengen nyoba, tapi ga ada batu..

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

mbak ina; kirimnya aku lempar dari sini ya mbak inaaaaa,hihi ;p

nila: thanks dear :)

piena: maksuuuuud...???? ;p hihi tinggal dilempar aja pake babi ya,hehe ;p

yasu: he em, jadi buat maen diluar rumah,hehe :)