Friday, September 30, 2011

cemprut on Tobucil Handmade blog post...!!!

hallo hallo... lama ya nggak posting...maaf ya aku lagi keenakan crafting gila-gilaan, gini nih kalo udah nempel banget ma kain dan gunting, lupa banyak hal,hehe... ada beberapa hal juga yang aku siapin, rencana ini itu, nanti di share deh, tunggu ya :)

nah, buat kalian yang bertanya-tanya tentang si cemprut, nih ada blogpost tobucil handmade hasil cuap-cuap aku diwakili ama mas nunuy yang uhuy,hehe... judul postingannya itu loh:
asik nggak tuh,hihi... dasar si bawel cemprut, ditanya segayung jawabannya seember, sama mas nunuy aku pikir dikurang-kurangi ternyata semua tumpek blek disana,hihi, nah mulai kan bawelnya lagi,hihi ;p silahkan dibaca ya, ada banyak cerita yang dibagi disana :)
karena baca lagi hasil wawancaranya jadi keinget keluarga dirumah, kangen deh... terutama ama zio my little boy :) malam ini aku liat video si zio dan menangisla h aku tersedu-sedu,hehe, kangen kamu bu dhe de' :'''(
ini foto zio yang mirip aku, terutama hidungnya yang gede,hehe... foto masa kecil kayak gini tipikal sekali foto yg diambil Upi ku. dipinggir pantai dengan langit sunset nya, aku juga punya foto kayak gini yang sekarang dipajang di rumah mbah yi :)

kok jadi curhatan keluarga gini ya :p next post aku bakal posting beberapa acara yang bakal aku ikutin dan adain, tapi aku bikin posternya dulu ya,hehe, lagi sok sibuk nih :) makasih sekali lagi tobucil buat wawancaranya yaaa... :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Monday, September 26, 2011

the report: 'casting' note pouch...!!!

yes, she come back... Arini and the family,her mom and her lil sista adinda :) so do i, so miss this kind of moment to crafting together in the name of 'crafting sampai keriting' that i will call it 'casting',haha ;p even there's some of friend who's already register but can't come :( hope 2 weeks again we'll meet for the next 'casting' :) so here i share some of the pic of last 'casting'.

mrs.cemprut is start to rock on, tellin how to make the pouch :)
the pouch is packed, everyone can choose the pouch that they will make :)
start to rockin stichin... :)
here they are with their note pouch :) good job renita, mbak dina, piena, adinda and her mom, arini, caca, nadine and her mom :)
okay now, see u in the next crafting sampai keriting. next casting maybe we'll gonna make a monster plushie...waaa...looks exited rite, just wait :)
have a good monday crafty people, share the love to the world :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

beebie the plushie...!!!

lubee is one of beebie the plushie. remember first time when there's a love story about their family in here. let me tell you once more about them.

beebie the plushie is the plushie that shaped like a cute bee. there's a two kind the female bee ones and male boo ones. made by cotton fabric filled with soft dacron. the aplique made by cotton and flanel. complete with their sting and flink. size about: 30 x 25 cm. each is diferent by the others :)

and lubee now buzzing here and buzzing there to look rest of her others family. can you buzzing her that the rest of them is buzzing in here: Cemprut Indie Craft !!! hope she hear ur buzzing mate :) have a great sunday :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!


the hard day's night...!!!

hard day's night is one of my Beatles fav album eva. in this album my fav song is 'if i fell' and 'i love her'. and the cover of the album is fenomenon standing with Abbey Road, Sgt. Pappers. i do Beatles freak but still don't watch the hard day's night movie, oooh...sad sad...

another hard day's night in my life is finally i wear my glasses again since i took it off about 5 years ago. it's hard deccision coz i'm not comfortable to wear the glasses but really need to wear before my eyes got more trouble :(

the another one is...maybe...maybe...i will close the order for a couple couple couple of month... :( i need 'me' time, i'm sorry if it sound selfish...but i think it's okay for being selfish for a while since i lost so many ideas that just fly away before i make it real :( sorry to say dear friends...maybe for a couple couple and couple of month cemprut will be sell the ready stock goodies while i'm finishing the order before it :)

and the another another one is i will move my blog shop from in to FB account Cemprut Indie Craft. the first one is my first blog shop that i made, there's a lotta memories on it, i'm sorry to say that i must say goodbye to multiply :(

okay now it's sunday morning, now times to rock 'n rolla...put ur music on crafty peoples, have a great weekend :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

the poster...!!!

ini poster yang rencana akan dicetak untuk ditempel di spot spot tertentu, tapi lom deal juga ama Om Erick si empunya Purwacaraka, tapi aku yakin si Om tuh percaya betul ama aku,hehe... walopun aku masih sering bandel ya om erick ya,hehe...

dulu ada seorang adik dari teman minta dibuatin poster ke aku buat acara kampusnya, and she paid for me for that, padahal posternya dipakai aja udah seneng :) cuma berbekal corel ma potoshop sebisanya dan sepertinya yang banyak ngebantu adalah fotonya sendiri,hehe... siapa dulu dong yang motoin,si Ay...suami gueeee,hehe... ;p

oia gara-gara liat duet maut aku ama Ay, sampe ada yang pengen punya suami fotografer,haha, hayooo siapa yoo...ngakuuu,hihi...

udah dulu ya, jangan lupa besok ikut gabung di CRAFTING SAMPAI KERITING bikin NOTE POUCH bareng si cemprut. dateng aja langsung ke purwacaraka citra raya :) oia itu jargon si Ay juga yang nemuin loooh,hehe...

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

housie the plushie...!!!

let me introduce you my dearest friends :) the new family of the cempruts plushie....drum roll please...
oh my, u surely agree with me if i said that is uber cute,hihi ;p this housie the plushie is the plushie made by cotton fabric, filled with soft dacron. size about 30 x 30 cm.
there's a lovely door with the button as a door handle. there's two window that all hands embroidered. the applique made from felcro covered by fabric with a new crafting technique that i will share in my new book,ooops ;p and don't forget the little detail, the house complete with the chimney. make it looks more cute :)
for this first session of housie the plushie i just made it 10 and each diferent by the others. i named them with a name of the city in England, the land that beatles born :) go adopt them in my FB shop: Cemprut Indie Crafter just easy like click HERE !!! :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

nice to know you...goodbye...!!!

that is one of my fav Incubus song, i dont know maybe it's not related at all with the post,haha... but since i upload ellie the plushie last nite and it's already adopted in just few hour, so i have a lotta more homework to edit the photos. it's all for you dear cempruters,haha.. know u can adopted some of cemprut goodies in Cemprut Indie Craft FB account :)

hootie the plushie can u adopt in HERE...!!!
hedgie the plushie can u adopt in HERE...!!!
monsta pouch can u adopt in HERE...!!!
charlie bag can u adopt in HERE...!!!
yes, i really nice to see my goodies that i made but not for so long i will say to them: goodbye, the blessing sadly word ;p have a good day crafty people :) go adopt cemprut goodies that u fallin to :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

E for...???

there's kind of plushie that already to adopt...they're E...E is something with big wide ears...
E is something with big long trunk...
E is them...found them in Cemprut Indie Craft new account in FB, go adopt them in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

the DIY cemprut goodies tag...!!!

hello...hows your weekend??? hope such of fun like mine :) today there's DIY things that i made for cemprut, the goodies tag. i always made it by my self, apart of being cheap ;p, the DIY process it's quite fun for crafty activity from designing, outlining, printing and cuting. let me tell you my DIY story :)

this is my (temporary) final design for my new tag. yes, call me the wishy washy person, i had a trouble choosing some of design that i made. u can see how i had some dilemma for choosing my name card. and the case is start it again for choosing wich logo that represent cemprut, aaarggghhh... i will not be able to choose one from several 'things' that very meaningful for cemprut, so the name card is choosen because all of the cemprut 'things' is appears on,haha... short story the hijab girl is choosen, yay...clap clap... ;p

cemprut is me, so i let the logo is looks like me, head of hijab girl wears a thick frame glasses and thick eyebrow plus the little mole above my lips. the black and white is choosen coz that colors looks more mature and neutral ;p okay the design is choosen now the time to print it out.
i print out the logo on soft carton papper, it's a recycling paper and the brown color is makes look more earthy. and then do the cut cut...
the back side i put my name and my cell phone number. make a hole on it for let the yarn to bonding them in to my goodies :)
and voila, the tag is hangin on my goodies, os far is the cutest tag that i ever made, simply beautiful :) okay your turn now crafty people, try to make it by your self and feel the crafty satisfaction on you,haha ;p

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Karya Indonesia Cinta Kita...!!!

today is a happy day :) Ay got his new DSLR lens and i've got my own surprise ;p the surprise is commin yesterday actually but the 'tellin ya' moment is happen this afternoon. me, Ay, mbak Elda and Mas Rere is goin picnic to Taman Kota BSD city. the picnic story will tell ya later, now time to tellin you my surprise :)about last couple of week i'm join #LOCALVOKAL quiz from adalah kita on twitter. so when they mention me that i'm one of the winners, it's like yippie yay... after join paradekarya in adalah kita the next best thing is winning their quiz, yay :)
i've got 4 goodies and 2 of the goodies is my friends brands :) i do love the shirt, there's a empty space in the sentence that i can write it as i like, so i complete the sentence:


yes, i do love the local crafter goodies :)
got the Bayu Risa CD, oh yes this guy is 'something'... helvetote bag from nest of ojanto :) and note book from oma anna :) loooove it :)thanks so much adalah kita, visit their web: found the local handmade goodies. follow their twitter: @adalahkita and you can join the #LOKALVOKAL quiz :)
hope you guys have a great weekend, like mine :)

Happy Carfting Y'all...!!!


Friday, September 16, 2011

cemprut tutorial on Sekar Magazine...!!!

good afternoon carfty peoples :) just wake up from my (too) long nap,haha... but ready to crafty blogging, here we gooo :) my tutorial of making bag and pouch from jeans skirt is on Sekar Magazine new edition with Laura Basuki as the cover model :)there's two creation that u can make from one jeans skirt. it's more simple than u make it from pant, trust me it's way more simple :) this is tutorial for the bag:
and this is tutorial for the purse:
and for the cassettes is a treasures that i found in my Umi (mom) closet last week :) that's mine but it lefted when i'm move with Ay. i found cassette from Norah Jones, Vertical Horizon, Bon Jovi, Sugar Ray and Gorillaz, that so high school,haha... but the bon jovi is brought by my Umi when still in primary school, she's rock Umi ;p my fav is Norah Jones, it's a gift for Ay in our first date ;p

okay now, put on ur shoes, go to the bookstore and buy the magazine. u can use the tutorial for ur crafty weekend tomorrow, yay... :)

ps. sorry for the blurry pic, i'm forget to take a launch, the DSLR feels so heavy ;p

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

the note pouch...!!!

like the picture said dear...
for additional information they made from blacu fabric outside
and a cotton fabric inside. and there's a soft foam between them :)
size : 18 x 11 cm
price: Rp.35.000,-

and for the first edition for the pouch is 'the beatles'.
the pouch written with the beatles song tittle :)

the rest of the collection you can check it my new Cemprut FB account in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hello hootie pouchie...!!!

yes, they are back in de hood ;p for you who asking about hootie pouch now they come around, ready to pick and adopt :) this is few of them...all of them is like usually diferent each others :) i gave them name with Z in the first alphabet, Z is for Zio my cute, funny, handsome nephew...oh i miss him soooo muchie muchie ;p
and all of the hootie pouch can adopt in my new facebook account. yesm i think i need a new account which can seperate the cemprut things and me things :) so add my new Facebook account and go adopt the hootie pouchie in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

crafting sampai keriting: Note Pouch...!!!

hallo-hallo teman :) aku udah balik lagi ke Tangerang :) siap bercrafting lagi walau masih pelan-pelan nyesuaian mood yang ada :) atas permintaan dari beberapa teman akhirnya crafting sampai keriting kali ini kita bakal bikin pouch, yay... :)

"Note Pouch", karena bentuknya seperti lembaran kertas notes yang bisa kamu sulam sendiri tulisannya nanti, boleh nama atau kata-kata favorit kamu, as u like it dear :) semua proses pembuatan nanti akan kalian jahit tangan, yup..tangaaaan :) kecuali garis-garis kertas nya yang udah aku jahitin pakai mesin sebelumnya :) dibagian dalamnya juga ada kain pelapisnya dan busa didalamnya :)

maaf kalau mundur dari waktu yang pernah aku janjikan :( tapi tetep jalan kan crafting sampai keritingnya :) trus buat kamu yang daftar duluan nanti akan dapet 'sheel brooch' oleh-oleh dari pesisir pantai kota Rembang, semoga kebagian ya :)daftar segera ya :) kita bercrafting sampai keriting lagi sama si cemprut :) have a great day everyones :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

...all is well...

aku suka kalimat-kalimat yang sebenarnya sekalipun nggak nyambung artinya tapi rasanya kalo diucap seperti menenangkan dan menyenangkan diri... seperti jai guru deva... atau all is well seperti yang ada di film india :p aku mengucap kalimat ini setelah banyak beristighfar, menyebut asma Allah dan bershalawat...rasanya lebih tenang :")

maaf buat para teman kalau blog nya terasa kosong akhir-akhir ini. maaf juga buat para customer cemprut yang pesanannya belum juga terselesaikan. maaf juga kalau ada 'setoran crafty' nya belum juga dikirim :( sebenernya nggak suka berbagi kisah sedih tapi nggak bisa dipungkiri kalau aku memang lagi sedih :(

keluarga kami sedang diberi cobaan, pasar di kota kelahiran aku Rembang terbakar, disana ada kios adik dan banyak keluarga dari adik iparku yang ikut terbakar. sedih, bingung, panik, syok... :( cerita sedetilnya sangat menegangkan, harta dan benda yang ikut hilang masih bisa diikhlaskan, tapi membayangkan semua keluargaku sedang berjibaku saling menyelamatkan apa yang bisa diselamatkan ditengah kobaran api itu sangat menyedihkan...lebih dari sedih... :( nggak bisa dibilang bagaimana perasaanku waktu itu... :(

Alhamdullilah semua keluarga selamat dari kobaran api, hanya hati dan pikiran yang masih harus diobati. walaupun kehilangan harta dan benda, semoga kami semua bisa mengikhlaskannya dan tetap semangat buat mencari riski yang barokah lagi walau harus memuali lagi dari nol. semoga begitu juga dengan para korban lainnya...amieeen...

aku masih di rembang untuk memberi semangat adik dan keluargaku. kerjaan yang aku bawa buat dikerjakan di rembang semua ditunda, hanya sedikit yg bisa aku kerjakan. aku cuma punya waktu sendiri setelah sholat subuh dan sebelum Zio bangun, setelah itu semua waktu punya keluargaku, apapun yang bisa aku lakuin, sekalipun hanya tidur-tiduran sambil bercanda disamping mereka :)

sore kemarin kami ke Alon-Alon, mengikuti permintaan Zio yang ingin naik kereta, Alhamdulillah ditengah kesedihan ada Zio si penghibur hati. ulahnya selalu bikin kita ketawa dan sedikit tenang dan lebih bersabar menghadapi cobaan :) all is well... everythings will gonna be okay... :)

ps: aku kangen crafting nih,hehe :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

my memories giveaway winner is...!!!

hello there... i'm sorry for the late post and announcement for the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Giveaway. Ied Mubarak is not only Holly Day for me but it's also a family time. so sorry if i more choose to hang with my family than struggling to posting in my blog with the 'oh so lame' internet connection in my hometown,haha...

enough for the excuse, time to tell you the lucky winner, and the winner are...congret once more dear Uti :) please say hi to me in my email: so i can give the giveaway :)

and thanks so much My Memories Digital Scrapbooking for giving me this shoot :) this is the first time i collaborate with someone from another country, so exciting and much much happy :) thanks so much my memories :) for you crafty peoples outside there, i'm so open to collaborate and featuring you in my Spotlite & Giveaway, with arms wide open :)

ps. wait for the next Spotlite & Giveaway :) soon :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!