Friday, September 16, 2011

cemprut tutorial on Sekar Magazine...!!!

good afternoon carfty peoples :) just wake up from my (too) long nap,haha... but ready to crafty blogging, here we gooo :) my tutorial of making bag and pouch from jeans skirt is on Sekar Magazine new edition with Laura Basuki as the cover model :)there's two creation that u can make from one jeans skirt. it's more simple than u make it from pant, trust me it's way more simple :) this is tutorial for the bag:
and this is tutorial for the purse:
and for the cassettes is a treasures that i found in my Umi (mom) closet last week :) that's mine but it lefted when i'm move with Ay. i found cassette from Norah Jones, Vertical Horizon, Bon Jovi, Sugar Ray and Gorillaz, that so high school,haha... but the bon jovi is brought by my Umi when still in primary school, she's rock Umi ;p my fav is Norah Jones, it's a gift for Ay in our first date ;p

okay now, put on ur shoes, go to the bookstore and buy the magazine. u can use the tutorial for ur crafty weekend tomorrow, yay... :)

ps. sorry for the blurry pic, i'm forget to take a launch, the DSLR feels so heavy ;p

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!