Sunday, September 18, 2011

the DIY cemprut goodies tag...!!!

hello...hows your weekend??? hope such of fun like mine :) today there's DIY things that i made for cemprut, the goodies tag. i always made it by my self, apart of being cheap ;p, the DIY process it's quite fun for crafty activity from designing, outlining, printing and cuting. let me tell you my DIY story :)

this is my (temporary) final design for my new tag. yes, call me the wishy washy person, i had a trouble choosing some of design that i made. u can see how i had some dilemma for choosing my name card. and the case is start it again for choosing wich logo that represent cemprut, aaarggghhh... i will not be able to choose one from several 'things' that very meaningful for cemprut, so the name card is choosen because all of the cemprut 'things' is appears on,haha... short story the hijab girl is choosen, yay...clap clap... ;p

cemprut is me, so i let the logo is looks like me, head of hijab girl wears a thick frame glasses and thick eyebrow plus the little mole above my lips. the black and white is choosen coz that colors looks more mature and neutral ;p okay the design is choosen now the time to print it out.
i print out the logo on soft carton papper, it's a recycling paper and the brown color is makes look more earthy. and then do the cut cut...
the back side i put my name and my cell phone number. make a hole on it for let the yarn to bonding them in to my goodies :)
and voila, the tag is hangin on my goodies, os far is the cutest tag that i ever made, simply beautiful :) okay your turn now crafty people, try to make it by your self and feel the crafty satisfaction on you,haha ;p

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Amanda Putri said...

Love Ur TAG Dita.. ^_^

rika daniel said...

it's unique and creative. I am also doing some sort of this, except I used a white paper, I think your choice of paper is better :)

Anzouya said...

Your tags are so cut! And I like very much the paper that you're using. The natural look is great! :-)

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

amanda, rika and angeliki: thanks so much deaaaar :) hug hug kiss kiss :)

PN. said...

Keren mba! :-D

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

thanks utiii :)