Sunday, September 25, 2011

the hard day's night...!!!

hard day's night is one of my Beatles fav album eva. in this album my fav song is 'if i fell' and 'i love her'. and the cover of the album is fenomenon standing with Abbey Road, Sgt. Pappers. i do Beatles freak but still don't watch the hard day's night movie, oooh...sad sad...

another hard day's night in my life is finally i wear my glasses again since i took it off about 5 years ago. it's hard deccision coz i'm not comfortable to wear the glasses but really need to wear before my eyes got more trouble :(

the another one is...maybe...maybe...i will close the order for a couple couple couple of month... :( i need 'me' time, i'm sorry if it sound selfish...but i think it's okay for being selfish for a while since i lost so many ideas that just fly away before i make it real :( sorry to say dear friends...maybe for a couple couple and couple of month cemprut will be sell the ready stock goodies while i'm finishing the order before it :)

and the another another one is i will move my blog shop from in to FB account Cemprut Indie Craft. the first one is my first blog shop that i made, there's a lotta memories on it, i'm sorry to say that i must say goodbye to multiply :(

okay now it's sunday morning, now times to rock 'n rolla...put ur music on crafty peoples, have a great weekend :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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