Saturday, September 17, 2011

Karya Indonesia Cinta Kita...!!!

today is a happy day :) Ay got his new DSLR lens and i've got my own surprise ;p the surprise is commin yesterday actually but the 'tellin ya' moment is happen this afternoon. me, Ay, mbak Elda and Mas Rere is goin picnic to Taman Kota BSD city. the picnic story will tell ya later, now time to tellin you my surprise :)about last couple of week i'm join #LOCALVOKAL quiz from adalah kita on twitter. so when they mention me that i'm one of the winners, it's like yippie yay... after join paradekarya in adalah kita the next best thing is winning their quiz, yay :)
i've got 4 goodies and 2 of the goodies is my friends brands :) i do love the shirt, there's a empty space in the sentence that i can write it as i like, so i complete the sentence:


yes, i do love the local crafter goodies :)
got the Bayu Risa CD, oh yes this guy is 'something'... helvetote bag from nest of ojanto :) and note book from oma anna :) loooove it :)thanks so much adalah kita, visit their web: found the local handmade goodies. follow their twitter: @adalahkita and you can join the #LOKALVOKAL quiz :)
hope you guys have a great weekend, like mine :)

Happy Carfting Y'all...!!!



rika daniel said...

congratulations, Dita! I am learning to love local products from all the inspiring crafters I know, including you. Yes, karya Indonesia Cinta Kita. Support local products! anyway, what a fun picnic day!

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

terimakasiiih rikaaa... hug hug :)