Thursday, September 15, 2011

the note pouch...!!!

like the picture said dear...
for additional information they made from blacu fabric outside
and a cotton fabric inside. and there's a soft foam between them :)
size : 18 x 11 cm
price: Rp.35.000,-

and for the first edition for the pouch is 'the beatles'.
the pouch written with the beatles song tittle :)

the rest of the collection you can check it my new Cemprut FB account in HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



Kawakib Craft said...

kayaknya edisi berikutnya ada I WILL ato DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET...heheh. Tp ini inspiring banget Ta ^_^

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

hihi, tau aja... makasih yaaa... :)