Monday, September 26, 2011

the report: 'casting' note pouch...!!!

yes, she come back... Arini and the family,her mom and her lil sista adinda :) so do i, so miss this kind of moment to crafting together in the name of 'crafting sampai keriting' that i will call it 'casting',haha ;p even there's some of friend who's already register but can't come :( hope 2 weeks again we'll meet for the next 'casting' :) so here i share some of the pic of last 'casting'.

mrs.cemprut is start to rock on, tellin how to make the pouch :)
the pouch is packed, everyone can choose the pouch that they will make :)
start to rockin stichin... :)
here they are with their note pouch :) good job renita, mbak dina, piena, adinda and her mom, arini, caca, nadine and her mom :)
okay now, see u in the next crafting sampai keriting. next casting maybe we'll gonna make a monster plushie...waaa...looks exited rite, just wait :)
have a good monday crafty people, share the love to the world :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!



andriani retno said...

kak ditt..aku mau ikutt tapi kok yoo gak ngerti pisann jalannyaa
hihihi..mudah2nya next casting bisa ikutan yaaa.. apalagi buat boneka :))

suksess :*

Jane said...

What a lovely and refreshing blog <3