Friday, October 28, 2011

flowlie the plushie...!!!

hello morning sunshine :) with a fresh dew and a smell of wet soil :) let me introducing you my brand new plushie family, here they are :)
flowlie the plushie is a plusie shaped like a cute flowers :) all made by colorfull cotton, filled with soft silicon, for each petals filled with dacron.
the apliqued made by cotton and sticht by hand :)
size : 85 x 85 cm
it's quite big, but still suitable for ur sofa or bed. ready to adopt and hug. each is diferent by the others, like always :) find them in my FB shop in HERE !!!
and for this flowlie the plushie i have a two plan for them, 1st is i'll gonna make the tutorial so u can make it by ur own, and it may appears in my next craft book, amien :) and the 2nd one is they one of cempruts plushies that InshaAllah will migrating in a place near Bunderan HI, just wait and wish me luck :) have a great day crafty peoples :)

and oh yeah, the Papayamangos still open their giveaway in HERE, join guys :)

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!



dini kurnianing said...

i love the color of them so much dit :)

sketches of me said...

manisnya ^^
jadi ikutan tersenyum^^

sketches of me said...

jadi ikutan tersenyum^^

Dewi said...

Mbak Dita...sangat mengharapkan tutorialnya dan kalau bisa patternnya juga...secara kemarin nyoba sendiri jadinya ancur banget...huhuhuhu..

thanks in advance yaaa

Aphrodita Wibowo said...

dini: thanks dini :)

sketch: ayo kita tebar senyuuuman :)

dewi: pasti ada patternya dong :)

Unknown said...

Very nice :)
beautiful colors

Unknown said...

Very nice :)
beautiful colors !

Farida said...

Suka banget ama motif kainnya, disini susah banget nyari kain katun motif yg lucu2. mba jualan kainnya juga ga?