Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the skullie keychain...!!!

you know that halloween is commin around in just a few day, for peoples who's celebrate is a fun time to do halloween party or palin trick or treat :) when some peoples believe in 31st October all the spirits is out in this world, wooooo....kind of scary *__*

i'm not celebrate it, but just have fun with it, make some kind of halloween goodies in this October and let me intoducing you :

skullie keychain is the keychain shaped like a cute skull ghost. made by cotton filled by soft dacron, apliqued with felt and bottons, embroidered by hands and love :) size about 9 x 9 cm

named with famous ghost from around the world. and for this October i named them with a name of famous ghost in Japan *__* ready to carrying safely your chain, and will haunted the bad ones who's try to steal your keys ;p

each is diferent by the others, like usually :) go adopt them in my Facebook Blog Shop in HERE !!! and don't forget the Papapyamangos giveaway still around, join it HERE !!!

Happy Crafting Y'all...!!!


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