Sunday, December 4, 2011

cattie the plushie...!!!

after foxie the plushie have been a spotlite of the entire plushie because of their cuteness, now here's come their new friends of them. a lovely cute plushie couple calls:
like the foxie before, i named them from cratoon movie character, now i give them the lazy eyes cat cartoon,
hello Mr. Garfield :)
and his girlfriend... hello Mrs. Arlene :)
made by cotton fabric, filled with soft dacron, there's felt and button for the aplication, embroidered by hand and sew by sewwy with love ;p it's made by order, just see them in HERE and PM me or email me : for ordering them :) have a great meaauuuuw monday :)

Happy Crafting Y'all..!!!



a u r o r a said...

rajin banget.. :) ada mainan baru lagi.. aku mau dong si mrs. arlene 1..

eh, ta.. kalo mau bikin plushie jenis lain, aku rikues kepik dooong.. hihihi.. kan luthu tuh..

booking mrs. arlene ya.. aku ga bisa buka FB ni di kantor sebelum jam 12 *itupun juga cuma sampe jam 1.. :p


Aphrodita Wibowo said...

sipppo :) tar aku PM ya :)

Ninda said...

ngileeeerrr >.<