Thursday, February 23, 2012

goes to canada...!!!

these sweet girl named Adele, she's a daughter of the talented mommy behind Batavia by Sil, Mbak Sil Suatmadi :) hello sweet girl...i see u wearing cemprut's foxie shawl :)'s a long long long journey of the traveled foxie ;p
i met Mbak Sil from blog, then we talk in email and do the tweetalk ;p she's Indonesian Crafter live in Canada with her hubbie, 2 daughter and 1 son :) she made a very supaaa beautiful bag from used material, just check in her FB page :)
so the sweet girl and her bestfriends had some chilin fun vacation with the foxie :) i hope someday i can fly away thru canada and drink a hot choco in Mbak Sil cozy home :) thanks mbak Sil for the pics :)
talk about vacation, yes i craving for vacation, gonna make a short getaway to Bandung this weekends with friends :) gonna finish all the crafty debt as soon as possible before the vacation... yes this 2 day will gonna be a hush rush crafty days :)

Craft On...!!!


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