Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the orange soccer boys...!!!

this is some of the orange soccer boys that requested by mbak nia for her 1st birthday boy gift for her friends and families.
and you know how hard for me to make the same thing, the same pattern and the same colors for again again and again...oh boy i told you it's 'something' for me ;p but at least finnaly i can make it :)
and so i must say this to you:
so sorry...lately i'm kindda losing my mood of drawing :( it's so hard crafting without my mood, yes blame me as a moody person :( coz from that mood i'll put my heart and my love in every each goodies that i made, so i better said close order better than make ur request without any heart to do it :) i promise to open order again, when all the waiiitiiing list is done done done :)

Craft On...!!!



designer said...

the down side of doing what you love is you could get bored with it..
tetap semangat ya dit :) liburan lagi deeh :D

Rani A. Herawan said...

kak dita keren banget bonekanya! btw ada award untuk cemprut di blogku... silahkan mampir sejenak yaaa