Wednesday, February 1, 2012

true colors...!!!

this morning Mrs. Cindy Lauper is singing for my sweet morning in a cold perfect weather :) true colors is one of my fav song :) just check all the lyrics and you will see how strong the lyrics tell you :) and the simply perfect lyrics that i loved is this:
it's kind of match with what Ay did with his camera right,hehe... another photocrafty from my beloved Ay, thanks dear :)
and actualy that is the mote pouch that requested by Mbak Mia for the birthday goodie bag for her lil dauhgter. all the family and friends get one pouch with their own name, how lucky them :) and with this post i would like to sat that YES...i'm finally OPEN FOR ORDER this NOTE POUCH :) fyi, i change the blacu fabrich with hard khaki canvas, and not only ur NAME can embroidered on it, you can write like a LOVE MESSAGE or part of your fav POEMS :) it's already February guys, u can use the note pouch for the valentine greeting for your beloved ones :)

call or text me for order in: 08156618064. email me: :) have a good rockin day friends :)

Craft On...!!!



Laura said...

I like all the colours!!!

Dita Maulani said...

I love colouful zipperssssss~!

Warna Warni said...

Wah..bagus banget