Thursday, February 9, 2012

wish you were here...!!!

since Endah 'N Rhesa always took my breath away with their songs, so i dedicated this post for them :) my new Duckie The Plushie featuring part of my fav song of them, Wish You Were Here... :)

i once heard they singing this song live in front of me and yes i'm crying ;p this song kinda match with my situation in that gigs, i've been apart from Ay that try to capturing their performance with his camera and i'm singing alone without any shoulder to cry...aaahh... it's to much ;p

duckie the plushie requested by Mbak Sawa, made by cotton filled with soft dacron and made with love and heart :) so dare my to make another plushie that u want, hope i can take the dare for you :) have a rockin crafty day friends :)

ps. pic taken by my beloved Ay :)

Craft On...!!!