Monday, May 14, 2012

they're ready to adopt...!!!

many friends are asking me what are terms "Ready to adopt" and "Adopted" stands for in my FB Shop :) well I prefer to use term of "Adoption" instead of "Buy" :) it was actually use because of my ego, haha, so once they're born it'll be very rude if a "mother" would "sell" her babies, haha ;p so I have to let them adopted, live in their new home and hope they'll always be surrounded by loves from the adopter :) aaand..... currently there are a lot of cemprut's goodies which are ready to adopt, and some of them are new goodies, let me introduce you, here they are :)

the Gentong Bag :) made from batik fabrics, inside and outside, and filled with soft foam. the bag shaped like a cute gentong,hehe... gentong is Indonesian traditional barrel which usually made from clay :) go adopt them in HERE !!!
Fatie Ladie the Plushie :) they were a plushie that born from mom: matroshka and her dad is humpty dumpty,haha ;p made by all cotton, with a pompom and button for applique and hands embroidery for her face :) you can adopt them in HERE !!!
and there's another goodies like Houshie the Plushie, that i did a lil changing for them, i made it more 3D and there's an hands embroidery flowers near by the window :) go adopt them in HERE !!!
and so the Bunnie The Plushie !!! Hootie the Plushie !!! Ellie the Plushie !!! Kirwo the Plushie !!! Hoodie the Plushie !!! and many others :) just visit my FB Shop dear friends :)

have a great happy monday crafty peoples :)

craft on...!!!



Dyah Ayu Puspitasari said...

Pengen tasnya, tapi yg aku suka udah ilang T_T

Dyah Ayu Puspitasari said...

pingin tasnya, tapi yg aku suka udah abis T_T