Wednesday, October 17, 2012

alice in wonderland plushie series...!!!

hellooooo wooorllld !!!

i know it's been a while since my last post, yes i am a supa lazy blogger lately ;p don't do blog walking and updating my blog :'( but i am in to my FB SHOP lately, i do anything for answering many many many request of adopting cemprut goodies, Alhamdulillah ;) okay finish for the chit chat, let go to the point :)

last bazaar in Hellofest, we (Cemprut, Jumba Jamba and Dreamesh) deal to make our booth in a theme, and we choose Wonderland :) so to match the themes i made some plushie with a Wonderland themes, here they are :)

yes i made the Wonderland character in my own imagination and my creation :) so here comes the Alice :) with her braided blonde hair and her cute apron :)

and ofcourse the Mad Hatter :) i really love this plushie, i made him with his weirdo style complete with his hat and big bow tie ;)

and the BunBun is the name of the Bunnie, i just made it more simply, only white (kindda) white velboa fabric and red polkadots cotton, aaaaahhh... how i love the result :) supaaaah cuuuute ;)

and made the series more complete i made u hugging Mushroon plushie that i called Mushie :)

right know this kindda 'makin plushies series' is my new mood booster for crafting :) i hope in each month i can make a diferent plushie series, amien ;) oh ya... u can adopt the in my FB SHOP :)

okay then, i wish after this post i will not loosing my mood for updating my blog :) will catch you soon crafty peoples :)

Craft On...!!!


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