Thursday, October 18, 2012

pirates the plushie...!!!

a skull always be their mark !!!
a messy hair covered by scarf for head band !!!
another skull on their outfit !!!
livin in a wide open sea...conquer the shore...oh so you just can call them as pirates :)
and the others cutest pirates :) another kindda plushie :)
yes, pirates is kindda my fav character :) not becoz their bad behaviour but more than becoz their cute outfit,haha ;p i made 2 kind of pirates, the headband ones and the eye patch ones :) and yes you can adopt them in my FB SHOP :)

have a great crafty day dear my crafty friends :)

Craft On...!!!



Nana said...

hiiii.... lucuuuu banget piratesnya....... pengen adopt rasanya :D hahahaha

nuraa said...

Not scary at all ,its cute i fall in love with them .