Saturday, October 27, 2012

the milan monkei...!!!

Ay is the super lucky man that makes me envy lately ;p after the brave man quit from his job and start to 'duet maut' with me, but just in a couple of days he got another 'grace' by winning some quiz to get an amazing journet to Lake Como in Milan !!! yes Milan, so envyyy youuu deaaar ;p one day he ever said that when he got the opportunity to go to foreign country, he don't want with his own money or maybe for duty from his work, and so becarefull with the words you say peops, now he go vacation for free, congratulation Ay, Alhamdulillaaah :)

and yesterday he take off to Milan and leave me in 'rumah liliput cemprut' alone with a lotta crafty thing to do ;p so i give the duty for Monkei the plushie to accompany him to take his journey :) hello monkei...hello love...

so while Ay enjoying his journey i'm waiting the report from instagram and skype oh how fun the journey of them, the lucky man and the lucky monkei ;p

and yesterday was my 'galau' day, when i just get the message from Ay when he stil transit in Abu Dhabi in 05.30 WIB and after that i don't get any kind of news update from him. oh well i'm so dying of worried all day long try to do a lotta 'too much' thing to get the news from Ay and Alhamdulillah in 17.30 WIB finnaly he skyping me and said he was so fine, so do the monkei ;p and all because how bad the internet connection in Italy ;'p

i hope Allah always give Ay helath and safety, i hope the 12 C weather not gonna make him freezin,hihi ;p I miss u sooooo Ay :) last night i sleep with your stinky shirt and hugging your cemmon :) have fuuuun :)

and oh ya, so forget to say to you peops: Happy Ied Adha, may the qurban of us this time always remaining us to get more close to Allah SWT, amien :) and hope next year we can do another qurban while do the pilgrimage, AMIIIEEEN :)

have a fun crafty holiday, Craft On...!!!



Queen of Jumba Jamba said...

iri sangaaaaat.. pengen ikutan ke milan ama monkei hehehee..

Ni'am said...

monkey-nya lucu sekaliii....

salam kenal Mbak :)

Ni'am said...

monkey-nya lucu sekalii

salam kenal Mbak :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I'm so happy your husband is in my Italy!!! Hope he's enjoying it!!! Say CIAO to him!!