Wednesday, October 17, 2012

wolfie the plushie...!!!

when talking about wolf, what so catchy in my mind is the bad wolf in red hood story. the kindda hairy   wolf thingy is not stop my imagination to make it in to a creation, since i always prefer to make goodies with cotton fabrics than the hairy kinnda fabric like velboa :) so this is the result of my imaginations of the cute wolf :)
i named it wolfie the plushie :) complete with their tusk :) the hairy effect repaced with serrated cut felt :) cute isn't them ? :)
i made it in some diferent colors and patterns of fabric too :)
and this is my fav one ;)
i still make them in another farious diferent pattern and colors of fabric, just take a look and adopt them if u fallin for them :) in my FB SHOP ofcourse :)

Craft On...!!!